152 Club--Albertville, MN


The 152 Club has a rich history that is only best told starting from the beginning  - We’re talking horse and buggy beginning!

In 1881, the Minneapolis and Northwestern Railroad Company started laying a stretch of tracks through downtown Albertville.   They also skillfully built a boarding house for their workers.  Their home would eventually be known as the 152 Club, but let me get to that part.  The boarding house served its purpose, but as the town developed, the building was bought out by Minneapolis Brewing Company and Schlitz Brewing Company.  Prohibition began (talk about bad timing), and the brewery was allowed to brew “near beer” only.  Near beer contained such a low amount of alcohol that people had to spike their own beer!  Smart folks.  After the end of Prohibition, the brewery was purchased and transformed into a bar.  Around that same time, Minnesota State Highway 152 was authorized for construction.  The highway was to connect the cities of Minneapolis and St. Cloud. It ran right outside of the boarding house - turned brewery - turned bar.  Most of Highway 152 was replaced by Interstate 94 in the late 70’s, but not before the 152 Club was born.
The Club’s first owners thought long and hard about what to name their new watering hole.  We are not clear on the facts, but it is thought that many beers were sipped during the creative process before finally settling on the name “152 Club”.  Coincidently, the same name as the road right out front.    Over the past 70 years, the 152 Club has changed possession only a handful of times, but each time, the new owners proudly keep the name 152 Club.

Today we unite the friendly small town atmosphere from our past with the excitement and growth of today.  Come share our deeply rooted passion for good times, great food, and well… beer.  If you get lost, follow old Highway 152 – It’s the Road to Fun!

152 Club Bar & Grill

(763) 497-4101