152 Club--Albertville, MN


152 Club Bean Bag Toss Rules


  1. Pool play will last 10 weeks, followed by 2 weeks of play-offs
  2. Leagues run Monday & Tuesdays (at 6:15)
  3. Your team must be present for 80% of pool play in order to participate in play-offs
  4. Games begin at 6:15—games may not exceed 45 minutes—After 45 minutes, the score is recorded
  5. Teams play 3 games to 21 against each opponent—and up to 3 matches/night, depending on amount of teams in each league
  6. Each team is responsible for filling out a scorecard
  7. Cash prizes for 1st & 2nd  place teams



  1. A coin toss for first throw will start the game
  2. Your partner will stand in the Pitcher's box directly across from you.
  3. Each team plays with 4 bean bags, alternating and beginning with the team that scored last
  4. Only 1 team is able to score. We play "Closest to the Hole" rules, not "Cancellation" scoring.
  5. “Ringers” are worth 3 points and a bag on the board is worth 1 point, AS LONG AS the opponent doesn’t have any closer bags or any ringers. 
  6. Bags on the board do NOT cancel out an opponent's ringer.  Only ringers can cancel out ringers.
  7. Games go to 21 pts, but not over.  Points scored over 21 pts are deducted from the score, versus added.  For example, if you have 19 points and get a ringer, your score would be 16, not 22. 
  8. **When it comes to opposing team bags that are both near and/or over the hole, the team's bag that is deeper in the hole wins.  If needed, teams can ask an outside player to determine which bag is closer.  If no agreement can be reached, both bags are void and play continues.
  9. Foul Bags:  Any bag that touches the ground before hitting the board are considered foul bags and should be removed immediately before play continues.  Also, when pitching a bag, players must release the bag before any part of the player's body touches the ground on or beyond the foul line.  This will result in a foul bag.
  10. Team Subs:  You may have any player sub on your team during league play.  The sub player can be from another team and/or another night.  However, during playoffs, a sub MUST have played at least one game (not match) with your team during regular season.  On that same note, the sub cannot be from another team that is already playing in playoffs against you.  A sub/player must pick a team to begin and end playoffs with - no playing on 2 teams in the same league. 


**Rain nights will not be made up